English speaking therapist Copenhagen

Nikki Gordon Skovby is our English Speaking Therapist

As a Board Certified American psychiatrist, I work as an English-speaking therapist in Copenhagen. I do therapy in English for a broad range of complaints:

  • Stress and adjustment disorders (with a special focus on cross-cultural adjustment to Denmark and adjusting to chronic illness)
  • Depression
  • Dysthymia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

English-speaking clients are offered therapy with evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychoanalytic and meditation/mindfulness techniques. Therapy can be provided for primarily psychiatric diagnoses, such as depression, or as a supplement to a second opinion, helping clients cope, adjust and manage stress as they deal with serious illness.

How I practice as a therapist in Copenhagen

I believe a comprehensive initial assessment is essential to building a meaningful therapeutic relationship. This means that we usually devote the first two sessions to getting a clear sense of the problems you’re facing, where they fit diagnostically, ruling out other considerations and taking an in-depth look at your medical and psychiatric history including use of medications. I also believe it is important to get a feel for your childhood, personality and coping style. All of this information helps enrich our understanding of how your difficulties evolved and informs the selection of the most appropriate therapeutic interventions.

As a therapist, if I have a client who clearly has a moderate unipolar major depressive episode due to termination at the work place, it is essential to understand their background. That client’s background might reveal that they were bullied at school and have always had low self- esteem. So, when they were terminated at work, they were overcome by a long-held insecurity and feeling of unworthiness. By taking a careful history I might realize that the client has started increasing their alcohol intake as a coping mechanism and is suffering panic attacks as well. All of this information changes the way we approach their depression. Maybe strengthening the role of medication and psychoeducation while beginning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

As a therapist in Copenhagen, I operate under the belief that an accurate understanding of the nature and causes of your difficulties, leads to a better ability to use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to facilitate recovery. My evidence-based therapeutic techniques are always supplemented by a healthy dose of common sense. The goal of therapy is remission and return to baseline with the insight, tools and commitment necessary to prevent future relapses.

Past clients who have received therapy of Nikki Gordon Skovby, said:

“Nikki’s holistic approach has opened a new horizon and changed my lifestyle. I have suffered from depression on and off for a long time and so far I did not find a long lasting treatment. She initiated the process of receiving a full health check to detect or rule out physical issues that can play a role. Besides the medical aspect I am being taught a mindful way of living and dealing with the day to day issues. Meditation is a daily tool that helps to bring my stress level down and prevents my instant “snapping” reflex. Combined with the right medication I feel slowly that I am building a foundation inside myself that is able to be the base for the rest of my life. A third factor in my “treatment” is being coached by Nikki to set small goals/tasks and fulfill them. A lot of my previous therapies focused too much in the past and did not push me to take my life back in my hands, but Nikki finds a good balance between resolving issues form the past while also working with me on my future. Very slowly, with ups and downs we are making progress, but she is an inspiration and helps me find my inner strength to get up and get going, putting the past to rest and living a non-judgmental loving life resulting in harmony with my children.”

“When my eyes were negatively affected by the change in weather climate from tropical to winter, I was devastated! I stared at myself in the mirror wishing everything could just go back to normal. On weekends, I refused to go out and stay in and watch movies instead. After I talked with you, you taught me how to relax my mind and cope with the situation. It took me about a month to get over my insecurity.  Instead of feeling depressed about my red eyes every day, I let go, introspected and was able to focus my energy on getting the second opinion you suggested from a Harvard specialist. He was able to identify the cause and I was slowly but surely able to rebuild the moisture balance in my eyes. Only when I accepted the problem, could I begin to solve it with determination and clarity!”